Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Engineering - it's what we're all about you know

Having just come home from the Engineering Steering Group meeting after school, and being told that we should be constantly reminding you of all the links to engineering so on the offchance that some visitor to school asks you what engineering has done for you then you know, I feel I can discharge the obligation as far as you lot are concerned by saying:

You never get anywhere in any job without English. You need English to write reports, you need English to read reports, you need English to be able to talk intelligently about why Engineering is important and you need English to get a job in Engineering. The real world runs on English. English is completely about transferrable skills.

And of course, actually I think the important thing about the Engineering status is that it makes a statement about equal opportunities, and I think you girls can conquer the world if you could just forget about the boys down the road for a moment! ...


Hannah (www.freewebs.com/ethelanddoreen) said...

Oooh - controversial. Better not let Jan see this. It would have been so much better if we'd been a language school, as we were going to be before all the 'Renou-vations' took place.
Doesn't it worry anyone else that we were "Skipton Girl's High School" on all the engineering signs before someone spotted it?
Also, the line "Could the following girls please Dr Pomroy at break..." in the bulletin this morning suggests that a little more proofreading may be needed.

As the Class of '05 pointed out on their highly memorable final day...
"We're all just nuts about screwing" (meant purely as an engineering reference...any double meanings completely unintentional)


Hannah (www.freewebs.com/ethelanddoreen) said...

"The real world runs on English"

Apart from the areas where English isn't spoken, which run on other langauges.

The real world runs on language.

(I'll shush now)